Erectile issues and my first lay

When we got back home after getting the right condoms we started fooling around with each other but there was a problem, I wasn’t getting hard. Even though I was super horny, for whatever reason my penis wasn’t reflecting it and to my utter frustration I couldn’t get in and have my first daygame lay.

It’s not that I’m unhealthy. I’m not overweight or have any health issues. I’m also in my twenties. My issue is purely psychological and I’m still not sure what’s at the root of it. Also, I’ve had this before too with other girls. Even though we couldn’t have sex, she stayed over for a second consecutive night and left the next morning. A memory that’s etched in my mind from that second night was when she was naked on top of me, rubbing her clitoris on my penis and being fully aroused. It felt good that I was making her feel good even when I couldn’t penetrate her.

After the second date ended (which happened over an entire weekend from from Friday evening to Sunday morning), she was questioning whether she should see me again. She had asked me what I was looking for in a relationship and I was completely honest. I told her I wanted to be with her and others. She didn’t like it and at first decided to end it. But when she messaged me a couple of hours later, I knew it was still on.

I visited her place the next weekend and was hoping to seal the deal. Same problem though. I just couldn’t get hard and I was starting to really worry. Here was this girl, telling me she wanted me inside of her and I couldn’t do it. It was humiliating and at the time I was considering therapy. But something strange happened that weekend. Being in a heightened emotional state, she told me that she loved me. I wasn’t expecting this but when I asked her why she told me it’s because of how supportive I was of her. She had been dealing with some personal issues and I was just lending her an ear but this had meant a lot to her. It was sweet and I told her I loved her too because my definition of love is simple; it’s complete acceptance and I accepted her.

The next weekend I visited her again. That evening we had gotten into the 69 position with her on top of me and the combination of her sexy bush, wide hips and comfort surrounding her touch was getting me aroused. It started feeling better and better each time she sucked and licked my cock which she was doing with a lot of vigor and energy. Now I was hard, and was enjoying the sensations but was taking my time to come. This was a huge point, if I could come now, I was certain my body would be able to function normally and penetrate her. But I wasn’t sure if it was going to happen, coming that is. But I tried to relax and focus all of my attention on my cock which was starting to feel better and better with every stroke. After about 15 minutes I finally came into her mouth and it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. It was incredible and what made it even more sexy was that she swallowed the entire load.

The next morning, we started to fool around again and I knew now that my body was used to her. With that comfort set in, my cock became big and hard and I was finally able to penetrate her. This was the first time I was having sex in 18 months so I had almost no control with my body and I came within 3 minutes but I had finally done it. I had ended my long dry spell. On the third attempt!