My relationship with Sabrina

Our relationship started at the end of December and ended in 2 months. During that time there was a lot of instability but the relationship was transformational on the whole. For one, this was proof that this daygame stuff works. Up until now I wasn’t really sure but everything that other daygamers have spoken about came true for me. My belief in the system increased considerably. But more importantly, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to get laid before I met her. I had had an 18 month dry spell after my previous relationship and I was having major concerns. Not only did I get laid, but I got laid with an American girl with a sexy body who had genuine affection for me. She drove me around, she took me to interesting places, she cooked delicious food for me and really wanted something long term. She loved me. All of this through a street approach.

A South American dish she had made for me

A beach near Boston. The first beach I had visited in The States which she took me to.

So to my fellow strugglers, these are some of the rewards. I didn’t write too much about the sex but it was mind blowingly good. The validation however was something more rewarding. I could never have experienced all of this if it wasn’t for game.