Second date and physical escalation

We decided to meet up again after new years. My plan was to go to a bar and try to kiss her but she told me she had to drive so alcohol was ruled out. Then I suggested Indian food because she wanted to have some with me. At first, I started at looking at places near Cambridge since that’s closer to where I live and then I thought, why don’t I ask her to park at my place and then walk to the Indian restaurant that’s close by. I also knew she was a weed consumer and asked if she wanted to have an edible at my place before dinner. To m surprise, she agreed to both ideas so we each had half an edible each at my place and then walked over for dinner.

Dinner was hilarious. We were both high and were laughing at the most random stuff. On the way back home we had our first real physical contact when I offered her my arm as we walked back to my place on that cold Friday evening. Back at my place, I started playing some music and just started talking about random shit on my bed. The thing about my room is there is no place to sit other than the bed. So she sat at the edge while I was supporting my back near the wall. After a while started getting a little frisky and began her towards me. My read on her up to that point was that she was a suspicious on girl as Krauser would put it. She tested me every step of the way but there was always compliance. Even on the bed, she was trying to make it difficult getting close to me but at the same time I could see she was enjoying it. Soon, I got her to remove her coat and for the first time since I met her, I could actually see her body. She had a beautiful body punctuated with a round and large bottom. At the time I found it extremely amusing that I was seeing her properly for the first time even though this was the third occasion in which I was seeing her. One of those winter things that most Indians are not used to.

The entire seduction dance was tiring but enjoyable for the both of us. At first she wasn’t getting close to me. Then she wasn’t letting me kiss her. Then she wasn’t letting me kiss her on her lips. Then I started kissing her on her neck, then her ears, then her cheeks and when I knew she was getting aroused, I brought my lips and inch away from hers and just started breathing. At this point, we had our first kiss. After a few more hours I was able to get her top off by which time it was 5 in the morning and we were both exhausted so we slept.

The next morning, I continued where I left off and after a little more dancing, I got all her clothes off which is when I had my biggest surprise; her Amazonian bush. I’ve always liked a good bush in a woman but this was something else. The kind that would put a 70’s pornstar’s bush to shame. It was absolutely incredible and it didn’t take me long to start devouring it. This got her really aroused which is when she asked if I had a condom. I did but it was latex and since she had a latex allergy, we couldn’t have sex. But we decided that we would go to the pharmacy and get some while we went out for lunch. It was a surreal experience going to the pharmacy with this girl I’d only met twice before and so nonchalantly buying condoms. The switch had clearly been flipped.