Texting and first date

I sent her a feeler text and was surprised to see her respond about an hour later. But what was even more striking was how long her texts were. Up until then, I hadn’t had anyone text me back with more than a sentence and it was welcome change. The next day we started another text exchange which is when I invited her out that evening. To my surprise again, she agreed to meet me. But it almost didn’t happen. At the end of the text exchange, I told her to dress cute for me, trying to sound a bit cheeky but she got offended by it and was having reservations. I tried explaining that it was a joke but she wasn’t having it. But she didn’t cancel the date either so I stopped replying. Three hours before the date, she tells me she’s thinking of coming in her pajamas which I immediately turn sexual by asking if it’s the sexy kind. She enjoys the little exchange and the date’s back on.

This is what Boston Common looked like that evening.

We decided to meet outside Mike’s pastries at Boston’s North End, Italian neighborhood at 6pm. She told me that she knew the place well and that she’d give me a tour. All I had planned for the date was to build rapport. In my previous two dates, I had gone for a kiss and that had ended the set completely so I wanted to play safe. We first explored the North End, got some coffee at the Boston Public Market, walked through Boston Common and then ended the date at Eataly in Prudential Center. Even though there was no physical escalation, I felt the evening was very romantic, especially walking through Boston Common which was lit up for Christmas and New Year’s. Five hours passed like it was nothing and when we finally parted ways I gave her a hug. The tightness of her hug told me she had enjoyed my company and I had good feeling about meeting her again.