Daygame Mission: Day 3 – My First Experience Of The Russian Minute

Today was an overall positive day. I had initially planned to stay out for 2 hours but when it was up I’d made only 2 approaches. I decided to stick around for an extra hour and push myself a bit because I wanted to make it easier on myself this weekend (I need to get to 20 approaches for the week) and also because my vibe was good. I ended up making another 4 approaches taking my week’s total to 15. Here were the positives:

  1. I was upbeat despite a long break between approaches – The whole session I was trying to be chill and positive. When my body needed a break, I allowed it and when I weaseled I didn’t beat myself up. This helped me improve my vibe as the session progressed.
  2. I closed a beautiful Russian teenager – This was the second approach of the day. I noticed she was walking very slowly, taking in the surroundings and had a relaxed vibe about her. At that point in time I was still wrestling with AA but with a slight push I ran back and opened. She was startled when I stopped her and even moved back when I encroached her space but her eyes told me it was on. For the first minute, she just stood there saying nothing, looking at me with a wry smile. This was the famed “Russian Minute” that I’d read Krauser talk about. It didn’t phase me because I have 2 minutes worth of material I can ramble with at the start. In the beginning of the set she was tongue tied and I did a great job of comforting her and leading the conversation till she felt sociable. I guessed she was German (because of her accent) and she took that as a tease which was an inadvertent push. She told me that people never approach her in Moscow and that she was a little bit scared but she said it with a smile, strong eye contact and her legs crossed over in a very feminine fashion. Since she was uncomfortable with me being close to her, I gave her strong eye mesmer to compensate which she participated in. The set lasted around 7 minutes and towards the end she was contributing just as much as I was. She was resistant during the number close but I could see she was intrigued and got her number. Hopefully I’ll see her again; she was equal parts scared and attracted.
  3. I closed a big tits big ass Colombian teenager – She was wearing a pink top that had cuts and her boobs were nearly spilling out. She even had a fantastic ass. She was on the chubbier side and I don’t approach chubby girls, but she had a pretty face and a very feminine vibe which is what made me approach her. She even gave me a quick IoI before the approach so I was even more determined to do it. She too took the approach very positively and unlike the Russian she was comfortable with me encroaching her space. Throughout the approach she was trying her hardest to stand in her sexiest posture which was a further clue that the attraction was there. I got a semi by just standing close to her which was the first time that’s ever happened to me on an approach. The whole set was very sexual. She was in a hurry so I couldn’t get her to invest but she was still keen so I took her number. I hope I see those tits again.
  4. Eye mesmer – Most of my approaches had them which was one of my goals at the beginning of the session.
  5. A decent ambush set – I’ve always struggled with ambushes but today I tried the elephant in the room and it surprisingly worked. It immediately disarmed the girl and I got into a decent set. Need to do this more.

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