Day 2 With Pretty Indian

Sort of like her but more petite

The Approach
I met Priyanka on Thursday near Porter Square. It was my first time approaching in this area and I was just hoping to make a couple of approaches as the streets looked deserted. While trying to cross the street I noticed her standing in front of me holding a couple of pillows and a set of hangars. It seemed like she had just moved to the area so I opened with that:

Let me guess, you just moved into the area? You’ve got the pillows, hangars; all you’re missing is a mattress.

She took the opener well and I proceeded to have a normal chat. I teased her a little and told her the story of how I found my roommate (my DHV story) and when I decided to end the chat, I made my intentions clear by telling her I found her pretty. The number close was messy as she didn’t have a US number and her Indian number didn’t seem to work on WhatsApp. Finally she took both my numbers and we parted ways. I tried texting her later but WhatsApp was still giving me problems so I had to just wait and see if she’d message me. She did which was a big IoI. Overall, I was extremely pleased with this approach because it was so smooth. Very stealth and it just felt right. While I really like high intent direct game, I feel there’s a higher level of artistry when you go in smooth and it felt like I created a beautiful painting.

There wasn’t much to it. The day after I approached her, I sent a photo ping to which she replied immediately. We exchanged a few back and forths and then I probed about her logistics for Saturday evening. She said she had nothing planned so I invited her out to which she agreed.

The Date
We were supposed to meet at 6 pm. Just before I left my house, I texted her the location of where exactly to meet me. She replied by saying she “forgot” about it (shit test). I didn’t reply to it and 5 minutes later she said she’d be 15 minutes late. She ended up being nearly 30 minutes late but since the venue wasn’t too far from my house, I just left later.

She looked tired when I met her but she had put in some effort to look good. She was wearing jeans, a deep top which showed her cleavage and had done her makeup nicely. She looked pretty. As soon as I met her, she told me she wasn’t in the mood for drinking and suggested we go for coffee (frame snatch). I told her she could have a coffee while I had a beer.

The first venue was Christopher’s Bar at Porter Square. We couldn’t get the outside seating so we sat at the bar. My plan for this venue was to do a little rapport chit-chat and tease a little. I didn’t try spiking or doing any kino. She told me a bit about her past and mentioned a boyfriend of 6 years back in India. The conversation here wasn’t flowing all that well but I didn’t make any beginner mistakes by trying fill pauses or being too eager to be with her so it was ok. After 45 minutes here, I cleared the bill (telling her she would clear the next one) and we went to the bus stop.

My plan was to take a bus to the pub near my house which was a mile away. She liked the idea of walking though and since the weather was nice, I decided to go with it. Now the conversation started flowing better and the 20 minute walk didn’t feel long at all. Here she told me that she worked for non-profits where she worked with victims of sexual exploitation and did lots of workshops on consent. Escalation was going to be interesting I thought.

At the second venue, we got nice seats by the window that overlooked the streets. Here she had wine which was a good sign and I started to spike things up by doing some kino. First I looked at her hands, then the hair length routine, tattoos and then some face touching. I also started the questions game where I found out she had lost her virginity at 21. She mentioned her boyfriend a couple of times but I just ignored those statements. She didn’t seem to mind my sexual questions but her body language was off. When I tried initiating knee to knee touch she moved away and it didn’t feel right going for the kiss. After an hour here, she cleared the bill and we left.

Since we were really close to my house, I suggested she come home and see my roommate’s cat. At first she said no but when we got outside the door, I could see the conflict running through her head and coaxed her to come in. She came in for a total of 15 seconds, said hi to my roommate and immediately proceeded back to the door. She could smell weed which I think put her off.

I didn’t want to drop her back home but at the same time I wanted to at least try kissing her so I decided to walk with her halfway and try a few times. I did the lamppost routine.

You see that lamppost there? When we get there, I’m going to try and kiss you.

No no no. I can tell you now I won’t kiss you.

You’re more than welcome to decline when we get there, but I’m going to try anyway.

At the first attempt she didn’t even turn towards me but I decided to repeat the lamppost routine and have some fun with it.

Ok, which do you like more, that fire hydrant or that electric pole?

Hmmm the pole.

Why, it’s brighter there!? Ok I’ll try kissing you there.

Every time I tried it, her resolve chipped away and on the 5th and final attempt, I got her close to me, kissed her on her temple and cheek before she pulled away. I could see she liked my persistence and I wasn’t far away from getting that kiss but I decided I’d tried enough. I wished her goodbye and walked back home.

Even though I hadn’t been on a date in 2 months, I did well by gradually building rapport and escalating on amber. I got her home and tried kissing her and while I didn’t succeed, I pushed past my escalation fears and created a positive impression overall. There’s no doubt in her mind as to what I want and if she decides to see me again, I’ll have a great chance of taking it further.

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