The End Of A Tumultuous Week

Today marked the end of my most tumultuous week in game. Here’s what happened:

Sunday – Shop girl throws herself at me and then flakes on the idate.
Monday – Create serious eye spaz with a couple of girls including a hot 8.
Tuesday – Creeped a couple of girls out and a cop spoke to me, telling me he’ll have to take me to the station if a girl files a serious complaint.
Wednesday – Approached a beautiful Spaniard who loved the approach.
Thursday – Approached 3 girls who all loved it. One was so happy about it she high fived me.
Friday – Too nervous to approach.
Saturday – A couple of nice approaches and the day 2.
Sunday – Too nervous to approach.

While I had lots of good reference experiences, Tuesday’s talk with the cop really rattled me and it’s reduced my confidence. The girl who complained was a blonde so my white girl yips has only worsened. Luckily I have plenty of good references in the vault otherwise I’m not sure how I would’ve recovered.

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