Improving My Vibe

Last week’s episode has made me consider what truly makes a man attractive in a daygame approach. For a while, I felt r-select daygame was attractive because the man shows extreme boldness and confidence. While I did get a lot of girls to react positively, I think I scared many of them away because I wasn’t calibrated enough and was too aggressive. This is what got me in trouble and Krauser told me not to encroach distance as its magnifying my errors (yes, he did reply to my mail which I’m grateful for).

So if I can’t be bold, what can I do to create attraction? A few days ago, I remembered a point Krauser made in Daygame Overkill:

“The only thing that compensates for a lack of good looks is good vibe.”

Nick Krauser

I have always had inconsistent vibe stretching well before I knew anything about game. When I used to gamble with my friends, if I was winning, I’d be jolly but if the game was tight or if I was losing, I would usually be bitter/anxious/sulking and more often than not I’d perform poorly. I’ve been told I get too down on myself from a couple of my mentors and I’m sure its visible on my face.

Just like how I’ve been developing my physique (which has been going great), I need to start developing my vibe because the current me is not going to get me where I want. I may be wrong about this but I feel with good vibe, you can even get away with weak game because good vibe in itself is attractive.

So in order to improve my vibe here are the things I’m going to do:

  1. Not take life too seriously
  2. Sleep well
  3. Drop my bad habits
  4. Build good habits
  5. Relax more

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