I’ve Changed My Daygame Style

For the past couple of months, I’d been trying to emulate Krauser’s belligerent style of daygame as I thought that required lesser verbal dexterity; something that’s always been a weakness. I was getting eye spaz on a consistent basis and if the girl was on, sets were sexual. But there was something I was doing wrong. I started getting more blowouts and I was struggling to reach hook point. I don’t have concrete numbers but I was getting a hook maybe once every 7 sets and my average set lasted less than 2 minutes.

Now I’m employing a smooth style of game, the kind taught by Tom Torero. What that looks like in set is:

  • No tapping on approach
  • Side stops
  • Giving the girl space
  • The only touching being the Maradona move
  • More teasing and challenging

I’m currently using scripted lines because the teases don’t always come spontaneously but I’m curious to see how much mileage I can extract from it. Responses have been different. Firstly, the number of harsh blowouts has gone down. I’m no longer getting eye spaz but I’m instead seeing girls cross their legs over. I’m also getting hook point a lot more often with longer sets.

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