Day 3 With Pretty Indian – She Slept Over But No Lay

The approach and my first date (day 2) can be found here.

Setting Up The Date
It was quite difficult setting up the date as she wasn’t much of a texter. I’d probed twice since the last date but both times she’d declined without offering an alternative. Then I tried something different, asking if she was free for an afternoon coffee date just to ease off a bit. She agreed to this but cancelled an hour in advance. By this time I’d almost given up. I figured I’d try one more time and if she didn’t give me anything to work with I was going to move on. Luckily I didn’t have to because she initiated a chat yesterday while I was out daygaming. It was obvious she was fishing for a date so after a couple of messages I invited her for drinks at 8 pm to which she agreed.

First Impressions And Venue 1
She was 15 minutes late to the meeting point but what was noteworthy was the fact she was carrying a tiny backpack; a sign that she had planned for a long evening and perhaps even a sleepover.

The 15 minute walk to Venue 1, a brewery close to my place, was a subtle frame test. The whole time she was being grumpy complaining about everything and in general being unpleasant. I recognized it for what it was and instead of getting flustered, I either ignored or teased calling her “Little Miss Grumpy”.

At the brewery, I made her sit next to me and just had a normal conversation. I asked her about her coursemates and what her first few weeks in the US were like. She was still being a bit negative so to lighten things up, I began asking her questions about the other people around us like “do you think they’re dating?” or “what do you think about that tattoo?”. After 40 minutes here, we left.

Venue 2
It was around 9:30 pm now and I was starving so I decided to do something different and just go to a restaurant instead of a bar. The reason for this is because I’d already taken her to the one bar near my house the last time and I also wanted good food. Besides this restaurant was a 5 minute walk to my place so it was logistically sound. At the Arabic hole in the wall, she was impressed I knew the owner on a first name basis. Here we had more chit chat about insignificant stuff but it was all fun and she was beginning to loosen up. After I finished my dinner, I began walking her home.

Home Part 1
I knew she was going to enter but when she entered through the front last time, she panicked. To avoid that, I walked her through the back entrance which leads directly into my room. She gave some token resistance but it was easily handled with a little cajoling.

The great thing about my room is that the only place for 2 people to sit is on the bed. In the first 20 minutes I played her some of the music I was listening to (Jazz Rap playlist on Spotify) and we just chilled.

On the date so far there had been mild kino throughout, in the form of incidental touching, playful pushes, patronizing back pats and head scratching. I intentionally wanted to keep it mild to prevent the bubble from bursting and the tension felt right. Now that I had isolation, I tried ramping it up. I started caressing her arms, then shoulders, then neck before going to her back. When I slipped my hand under her sleeve, she pushed my hand away, but it was too late; I’d felt her goosebumps. I then started to feel her legs, which gave me another important clue, she was wearing a thong. At this point she was also showing me an Amazon Prime show that’d she’d been watching. The show’s called Fleabag and it’s about a horny British woman. In the first 10 minutes of the show, the lead’s getting fucked in the ass. This was another huge clue, Priyanka’s mind is just filled with sex I thought.

But she was making it as difficult as she could. Every time I tried turning her towards me, or tried resting her head on my lap, she’d stiffen up. I was running textbook seduction, 2 steps forward, 1 step back and I could see she was getting turned on but as I was massaging her back with my hands under her top, she pulled up the gates. She was now determined to leave and while I tried to get her to stay, she quickly wore her shoes. This would have to wait.

Venue 3
The evidence for a lay was overwhelming so I wasn’t prepared to give up. It was 11:30 pm now and I decided my best option was to take her for a short walk and then bounce her to the nearby bar. During the walk I tried kissing her a few times but she avoided each time.

At the bar, for the first time all night, we began to build rapport. We spoke on a range of topics but most of them revolved around dating and the differences between male-female dynamics. My red pill knowledge of dating and the sexual marketplace engaged her and while she didn’t agree with everything I said, I could see her attraction for me grow. At one point, I asked her what she liked about me and she told me that I was an escape from her dreary, hectic life. We left the bar at 12:45 am.

Home Part 2
Getting her back home was again quite easy. She still put up token resistance but she was through the door with little effort. She was tired at this point so she started lying down on my bed. I massaged her more to make her feel comfortable and this she found relaxing. Every 5 minutes she tried saying she had to go but I told her to stay for a little longer and that seemed to do the trick. At one point I thought I lost her when she began wearing her shoes but with a little convincing, she removed them and returned to bed. I was now spooning her from behind, with my hands exploring her body. I was also breathing on her neck, hoping that would arouse her and it did. Then came gentle kisses on her neck. After a few minutes of this, her head turned towards me and I went for the kiss. She finally relented.

The escalation was moving forward but extremely slowly. She was also very tired so at 2 am I decided my only chance of getting the lay this time would be in the morning so I told her to sleep over. During the night, I rubbed my hard dick against her ass, turned her around and kissed her. I finally got her top off and soon I started sucking her tits. This really got her hot but she wouldn’t let me remove her pants. We slept soon after.

In the morning I resumed where I left off. Now I started rubbing her pussy from on top of her pants. She would let me do it for a few seconds and then push my hand away. I tried many times to remove her pants but she just wouldn’t let me. What really made her hot though was bringing her on top of me and pulling her hips into my dick. This while sucking her tits nearly got the hind brain to take over but she resisted just in time. By 7:30 am she had had enough and decided to leave. I took her outside and wished her goodbye.

I did a lot of things right on this date. I correctly processed the information that was evident and made good decisions on the fly. Maybe a more experienced me would’ve had the notch but I didn’t go backwards either. Hopefully I’ll be able to close her.

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