BANG – My First Spaniard

Similar to her

The Approach
It was Friday afternoon and I was waiting for my bus home. As I was sitting on the bench daydreaming, I noticed an attractive woman walk past me and sit on the opposite side of the same bench. For a couple of minutes I wondered if I should open and finally I decided it would be good practice for my social skills so just went indirect. My opener was “How’s your day going?”. To my surprise she was quite chatty so I stacked by asking where she was from as she had an accent. I found out she was Spanish and that she was studying for a PhD. On the bus, I noticed she sat on a two seater instead of an individual seat so I asked if I could join her. On the bus ride there was more rapport chit-chat and coincidentally we got off at the same bus stop and walked in the same direction back home. When we got to her street, I wasn’t sure how to proceed but she gave me an expectant look so I just told her we should go out sometime and took her number. Even at the close there was no statement of interest.

Having made such a chodey approach, I wanted to seem congruent so I ignored all the textbook smooth advice and just directly went for a date request the next day. She told me she couldn’t make it on Saturday evening but offered an alternative, Sunday brunch. I wasn’t keen on brunch so I asked her if she’d be free Sunday evening and she agreed.

Pre-date Questions
Having not expressed my interest clearly, I wasn’t sure if she was expecting to meet as friends or a date. I had never gone so indirect before so didn’t have any reference experiences but the expectant look she gave me as I closed was revealing. It suggested horniness/loneliness. My plan was to be the perfect wolf in sheep’s clothing by running solid date game.

Venue 1 – Basic Rapport
I took her to the same brewery I took the Indian on Friday. My plan was to spend 45 mins here and just build some rapport with a little verbal escalation. I asked her questions about her course and what she thought about living in the US. To spike things up, I told her she had large beautiful eyes which got a blush out of her.

Venue 2 – Escalation
Almost as soon as I got here, I found an excuse to play with her hands to start the physical escalation. A little later I began the questions game. It’s amazing how you can direct a girl’s mind towards sexual thoughts through this simple game and we discussed about the kinds of people we like, her virginity, where she likes being kissed and a few other questions. By now she was very comfortable with me touching her and I could’ve gone for the kiss but decided to hold on to the sexual tension. After 90 mins here, we bounced.

The Lay
Bouncing her home was extremely easy. I suggested tea and she had no problems with it. When we got home, she sat on my bed and I gave her another beer. For the first 20 minutes we just discussed about music and she played some Spanish songs for me. While this was going on, I kept caressing her thighs and I could tell she was very floppy. I then brought her close to my face and went for the kiss. No resistance. After 30 seconds of this, I took the beer from her hand, placed it on the table and got on top of her. She began kissing me passionately and took my t-shirt off. By now I was super horny so I didn’t waste any time and went straight for the condom. As I was removing the condom out of its cover, she began sucking my cock and soon I moved her dress up and put my dick in her. No LMR with first kiss to fuck within 2 minutes. The sex was glorious with her moaning for most of it. Post sex, I cuddled her for a bit as I want to see her again and she thanked me for the fuck lol. She also told me that she decided to have sex in the first venue when I gave her the eyes. I don’t remember doing this but maybe I did it when I commented on her eyes.

This is my second daygame lay coming 7 months after the first one. August was crazy with the whole police incident but I thank the daygame gods for sending me a yes girl. It also goes to show the effectiveness of indirect game. With the opener, all I was trying to do was be social but she thought the way I did it was very nice. My date game was solid and my end game was clinical which I’m extremely proud of given how shaky I was for my first lay.

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