Day 4 With Indian – Probably The Last Time I’m Seeing her

My last date with her can be found here. Over the last few weeks, she had agreed to meet with me a couple of times but then she’d cancel last minute. Last night, she straight out date requested me and I agreed. We both wanted food so I decided to take her to the middle eastern place near my house and then bounce her home.

I got to venue 0 (the meeting point) on time and she told me she was on her way so I waited. After 20 minutes of this with no messages from her, I decided to do some grocery shopping and make her come to me. She finally arrived 30 minutes after the scheduled meet time and looked tired.

Just like on the previous 2 dates, she was in an unpleasant mood being constantly negative. Every time I tried talking about something, she would find a way to make a snarky comment and I’d just ignore or laugh it off. But in the back of my mind I kept thinking, this is exactly the kind of girl I don’t want to be with, I just wanted the notch.

After eating, she seemed to lighten up so I was cautiously optimistic. When we got outside my house, she refused to enter and started walking again. It was embarrassing trying to get her to come home, even though I knew she wanted to (she said no by shaking her head in a playful way) because it seemed like we were fighting on the street. After a couple of minutes of this, she came in.

Inside, I waited for a few minutes before I started escalating. I began rubbing her back, but she was very tense as I was touching her. I then tried kissing her on the back of her neck when her gates came up and she quickly got off the bed and started the process of leaving. I tried getting her to stay but she wanted to leave so I walked her outside my house and left her on the street. I was too pissed to wait for her cab.

My escalation wasn’t the smoothest but in my defense I didn’t think I had to be so cautious; she did sleep over the last time where we made out and I even sucked on her tits. I don’t want to see her again for multiple reasons. She’s unpleasant, always being judgemental and negative. She makes me feel creepy when I escalate even though she likes it when I touch her. And finally, she’s not even that hot to put up with it till I get the notch. She’s looking more tired by the day and she even cut her long beautiful hair, something I suspect gave her pleasure knowing that I would disapprove. In contrast, the Sexy Mexican was always lively and in a good mood even if she found it hard to communicate. She didn’t let me escalate smoothly either but at no point did she make me feel weird for trying. She was also much hotter.

So I’m done pursuing. I may give her one last chance to redeem herself if she comes out on a weekend evening for drinks near my place but otherwise, it’s the end.

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