September Updates

Managing my time
I’ve become very busy since the end August so I’ve had to be judicious with my time. At first, I thought of having 5 one-hour sessions a week but the pressure of making things happen was increasing my AA and I wasn’t approaching. So I decided to have 3 quality sessions of 2 hours each instead.

I think I have a fuck buddy
I met Isabella for the second time on Wednesday. When I scheduled the date, I was hoping to fuck her again which is exactly what we did after a quick drink. Although she’s older than me, the sex was brilliant again. This is something I’ve noticed about game sex, that is sex through night or daygame. It’s always passionate and the girl is easily aroused. It’s also filthier. With Isabella, she just wants to please me. I gave her a good fucking which she thanked me for just like the last time. I always chuckle when she says that because I’m not sure how to respond. She also hasn’t brought up any relationship talk, never texts me and at the same time wants to see me again. So I get the feeling she’s also looking for something casual which is perfect. This is a great situation because I’d been wanting consistent sex for a while and the fact that she lives 5 minutes from my house makes it ideal.

Today’s dayagame session
I was very nervous about today because I hadn’t had a good session in a while. My last few sessions were me roaming around for an hour and mustering 1 approach. The nervousness began last night when I started wondering how I was going to make the 5 approaches I had planned. This afternoon, my subconscious tried to prevent me from daygaming with its usual bag of tricks. I only realized this recently but when you don’t have a grip on AA, your subconscious works in devious ways to stop you from approaching. For example, today it was the slow lunch, then taking forever to get ready, then finding an excuse to check out the fest outside my house. I eventually got to my daygame venue and began the work there.

My plan was to start in the park for 30 minutes so that I could approach slow moving targets with not many people around. There were a few potential targets but I weaseled myself out of them. I then decided to go into the downtown area for my first session there since the police incident. I was thrilled to see no police officers and after a bit of walking around, I made my first approach. I ended up making 7 approaches and although none of the girls hooked, none of them were blowouts either. I even had a pleasant approach with a stunning blonde, something I’m extremely proud of because they scare me the most. Overall, I’m happy I made the approaches which is the only thing in my control.

Goal for the rest of the year
In the next 3.5 months, if I can get one more lay I would be very satisfied. That would make it 3 new notches in the year, which may not seem like much but given that I had only 3 lifetime notches before the year started, doubling my tally would be impressive. I would also like that notch to come from a girl that’s younger. My 2 daygame notches have come from women older than me and while I’m grateful for those experiences, I want to start getting girls in their prime.

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