Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had to reevaluate all that’s important to me in order to get closer to my goals. In the process of this restructuring, I’ve realized, in terms of priorities, daygame is third after studies (I’m a grad student) and finding a job. So now I only let myself have a daygame session if I’ve taken care of my studies and done something to look for work. I’m hoping this will lead to better sessions knowing that I haven’t sacrificed anything to chase skirt!

I had initially planned to go out over the weekend. The weather here has been fantastic and was perfect for daygame but I had a ton of college work to complete so I couldn’t make it happen. After 3 days of slogging, I finally did enough to justify going out so I decided to daygame today.

As the title of the post suggests, it was a big grind. I felt incredibly nervous and for nearly 2 hours I didn’t make an approach. But I wasn’t hard on myself and I eventually got going making 5 approaches and getting a number. I approached some really beautiful girls, including a stunning blonde in a red dress. One of the few 9s you’ll find and even though she didn’t hook, I was composed and had a pleasant experience. With these kinds of girls, it can even be hard to make eye contact. Overall, the session was physically as well as emotionally exhausting, constantly trying to motivate myself but the old me would’ve gone home without approaching so I’m satisfied for getting it done.

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