What I’ve Learnt About Myself Over The Last Month

The past 6 weeks have been extremely busy for me. I only went out a few times and nothing interesting came of it. I will be starting again this week.

During this mini break, while I was busy getting my education sorted, I came to discover many truths about my personality that are relevant to my life as well as game. Here they are.

My work ethic is holding me back
Most of my life I’ve coasted without having much discipline and the reason I’ve had any success is because I’ve been slightly above average in terms of skills. This has allowed me to perform well at studies and at my job but it could’ve been better had I imposed a little structure on myself. Daygame has been no different. Other than a few months during the summer, I haven’t made it a point to consistently approach. I’ve had some decent results but I know I could’ve had more magical moments had I been regular.

Daygame has become more than chasing notches
Like most people, I got into game to get more women in my life. While that’s still a main focus, there’s another aspect that I’m excited to discover and that’s my self-expression. What do I mean by self-expression? It’s hard to describe; it’s your voice, your identity, that thing that makes you you. You may have experienced it a few times yourself; those times when you were talking to someone and just riffing without worrying about what to say but you were doing it just right. That alone was satisfying because you were creating positive energy out of nothing and the other person could sense it. I’ve had a few of those this year and they were some of my fondest memories. Now self-expression isn’t confined to what you just say; it’s the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you look at people etc. Am I just going to “be myself”? Yes and no. While I want to be more fluid while communicating, I still think it’s necessary to have the fundamentals such as the right mindset (don’t hide your dick) and a couple of tricks up your sleeve (playful teasing, storytelling etc). I’m excited to see what shape my self-expression takes.

I need to quieten my mind
My concentration is abysmal. I can’t have sustained focus for more than a few minutes and that’s impacting a lot of areas of my life. While out approaching, the number of thoughts running through my mind are enormous which leads to hesitation and choppiness. I don’t have a solution for this yet but its something I’m going to be mindful of going forward.

One thought on “What I’ve Learnt About Myself Over The Last Month

  1. Consistent Meditation is the solution my friend, everyday for 15 minutes, the first thing in the morning, just watching your breath going in and out from your nose. And after a few weeks or months, if you are consistent, you will see that you are doing exactly that before approaching. Just watching your breath and let all the nonsense thoughts pass like clouds.Worked wonders for me.

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