Breaking rapport before making rapport

Since I started daygaming last week, I’ve been getting numbers but they’ve all flaked. All of these sets started well with the girls liking my open and stack but as the set proceeded, I could see the interest waning. I also noticed that the sets were too short and the quality of investment from the girl was poor. All these problems I was experiencing even before the lockdown so over the last few days I reflected upon it. The hypothesis I came to was that I was moving too quickly into comfort once I established hook point. My vibing period was too short and it was leading to weak hooks.

To alleviate this problem, I knew there was a section in Daygame Mastery where Krauser talks about strengthening the hook so I quickly went over that section. In essence he says, by teasing and challenging we build more attraction and can strengthen the hook. So I added a few lines to my template to make teasing a part of the vibing section and I saw immediate results.

Yesterday I really enjoyed my session. I approached 4 girls and all of them enjoyed the conversation:

  1. Russian sophomore – She was initially surprised by the approach but after a couple of seconds she was relaxed and hooked immediately. I tried my new teases and even though the execution wasn’t very good, it had the intended effect and I could see it made her more interested in the conversation. The set was longer and getting the number was easy. She even replied enthusiastically to the feeler so good feedback.
  2. Cute Vietnamese – This set started well but the sun was directly on her face and I didn’t manage the angles properly so she bolted early. Cock-blocked by the sun. I could’ve done so much more but it still wasn’t a bad set.
  3. Stunning American – From the corner of my eye, I saw what I thought was an attractive girl entering a shoe store. I wanted to investigate further so I went into the store. I quickly walked up the escalator and saw an absolute stunner. She was a solid 8 (maybe a 9) in a fitted denim skirt and a crop top. At first, I was very nervous for a couple of reasons; firstly she was super hot and secondly we were in a store and these kinds of approaches always give me more anxiety. After dicking around for a couple of minutes I finally approached using the “Elephant in the room” technique. She hooked immediately. She told me she was Lebanese and Portuguese but grew up in New England. I love Lebanese girls. My vibe was excellent but my game wasn’t very good. My teases were mediocre and just talking to her was exhilarating as well as nerve wracking. I made too many mistakes but she never motioned to leave, continuously smiled with big eyes, and I was able to finish my set. Couldn’t get her number because she was unavailable but seeing a girl of this hotness take my mediocre approach so well was thrilling. For hours afterwards I was glowing in the high of this approach.
  4. Pretty American-Indian – She walked right in front of me as she got out of a store. I didn’t see her face but her hip long straight hair and her shiny and slim thighs were enough to get me interested. This was a fantastic set. Everything was on point, with the teases coming at the right time. She mentioned she was a journalist and I trolled her for being a part of the fake-news main-stream media. It was great fun and I could see she loved it. I also dialed down the energy nicely which made the interaction more authentic. The number close was easy and she was even promptly replying to my texts till I made a date request which is when she stopped. I haven’t texted her for a day but hopefully things will move forward.

It was clear that the extra teases during the vibing stage made a big impact on the rest of the set. I’m going to be practicing them some more over the next few weeks and by making it more polished, I know great things are going to happen.

3 thoughts on “Breaking rapport before making rapport

  1. Hey Milin,

    What type of teases have you included? I seem to be having good sets but lots of flakes, I’m interested to see if I could use what you’ve done in future sets.


    1. Hey man. In the template I’ve prepared, I have two teases in the first two-three mins of the set. The first is her nationality – “Oh my god, my mother warned me about ____ girls” and then I say two complimentary and one not so complimentary thing about them. My next tease is about her profession/college major – “Oh no. In my experience with ___, I’ve noticed” and again two complimentary and one non-complimentary statement. I try not to be too hard on the non-compliment and instead rely on a good voice tone. Usually the “Oh my god” and “Oh no” lines when delivered in an exasperated tone produce the effect we want. Mind you, I’m still testing all this stuff out but the initial results are promising.

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