Perfecting the first 60 seconds

On my last post I talked about adding more teases in the first two minutes to strengthen hook point. While that may be important, I feel I’m inconsistent in the parts that come even before that. Here are the issues:

  1. Not being composed before the approach – Sometimes I jump into set without really gathering myself. This happens when I’m dealing with a lot of AA and when I approach like this I make many mistakes. Sometimes I become inauthentic by either being fakely overconfident or by doubting myself while in the process. This can come across as creepy. I need to take a couple of seconds before approaching to calm my nerves and get the right tension going.
  2. Being flat – Sometimes I go into set with an energy that’s too flat which makes my opening tease land like a sack of potatoes. Just like the previous point, I need to find the right energy before moving in. I’m not sure what this “right energy” is but Krauser talks about it in Infinite so maybe I’ll find the answer there.
  3. Imperfect stops – Krauser says the 3 conditions for a perfect stop are, a stop signal, strong eye contact and conviction. Out of the 3, I think only conviction is something I have semi-regularly. I don’t use a stop signal and my eye contact isn’t solid.

This is a lot to work on but I feel is something I can eventually perfect. Even though I’ve been hooking a lot off late, I think there’s value in perfecting it.

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