Day 2 with Chinese student

Last night I had my first D2 since restarting daygame a few weeks ago. It was with a Chinese student who I had approached on Monday afternoon.

The approach
Monday was supposed to be an extremely hot day in Boston. With the “feels like” temperature being 100 F (38 C), I was excited (I like experiencing extreme weather) but wasn’t sure what to expect. It actually felt good out there and there was a lazy vibe to the streets which was conducive for daygame.

While walking down Newbury street, I noticed a cute Chinese girl with a flashy orange phone cover. While passing her, she gave me a clear IOI and I quickly went back and approached. When I stopped her I noticed she had really long, green nail extensions and for some reason it reminded me of the Jurassic Park movie so I teased her about it saying that it reminded me of a dinosaur. I was surprised by how quickly I was able to come up with the tease; it was instantaneous and something I could never have done when I just got into game. She hooked immediately and began asking some questions. I didn’t need to do much teasing in this set because the hook was pretty strong from the outset and just ran a regular set. I found out she was a student and after about 5 minutes, I asked for her number. The number close was weird because she had this setting on her phone where I could only text her if she had saved my number. So I put my number on her phone and she told me she would text me later. Knowing that it’s never a good idea to give your number instead of getting her’s, I wasn’t sure if she would keep her word but she texted me 15 minutes later.

Texting was straightforward and she was quick to reply to my feeler text. She wasn’t a very enthusiastic texter but her timely replies suggested interest so I didn’t waste time going for the date request. We agreed to meet the next day at 6 pm for coffee.

Pre-date evaluation
My pre-date evaluation of her was as follows: she gave me an IOI, she reacted well to the stop, she texted back promptly and agreed to a date the next day. She was definitely interested but I wanted more information to know whether to push for a bounce back on this date or a future date. My strategy was this; if she had come dressed to show skin and took my early physical escalations well, I would go for the bounce back, else I would play it slower.

The date
I was quite nervous before the date. I kept getting a bad feeling that I was going to get stood up and had mentally prepared to have another daygame session. I was pleasantly surprised when she had arrived early and texted me from the meeting point.

Even though it was a warm day, she wasn’t showing any skin. At the first venue, I tried to run Krauser’s Coffee Filter Date to gauge her interest and even though she had good energy and was giving me solid eye contact, she kept recoiling even with the slightest touch. It was easy to see this wasn’t going to be a first date bounce back.

After the coffee I took her to a bar at Quincy Market. Even though I hadn’t gone for a first date in a while, I was disappointed with my date game because after an hour I was getting lost for conversational ideas. I started the questions game way earlier than I wanted because of it. I intentionally kept the questions PG-13 because I wanted to save the dirtier questions for the bounce home on a future date. In order to not get stuck in comfort quicksand, I tried to steer the conversation towards dating/relationships and occasionally escalated verbally and physically.

After we finished our drink, we walked towards Boston Harbor and checked out the docked boats. It was a beautiful night and even though we had plenty of privacy, going for a kiss seemed uncalibrated. Here I spoke more about what I did and I felt the rapport building which was good. At around 9:45 pm, I walked her back to the station and parted ways.

Final evaluation
I’m finding it difficult to see where the girl is at in the seduction process. On the one hand, every time I tried to physically escalate, either by doing something with her hand, touching her hair or dragging her closer to me, she resisted and even mentioned not being comfortable. On the other hand, I have all the pre-date data suggesting interest, she was willing to be led with little input of her own, she hasn’t had good male attention for a while, she gave me fiery eye contact all evening and towards the end of the date, she was becoming a lot more comfortable with my touch. Hopefully the next time I meet her, I’ll have enough compliance to justify a kiss attempt.

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