Crazy i-date with a trophy girl

It’s been a weird couple of weeks for me. Lots of blowouts but lots of interesting sets as well. I haven’t been writing because I felt I was getting a bit obsessed with the blog so I’ve decided to write lesser here and more on my personal journal. Here is today’s story.

It was a hot and humid day in Boston. For about an hour I walked around without making an approach. It was strange because AA wasn’t too strong but I just felt slow. I realized that I was very dehydrated and when I found a water fountain, I forced myself to 40 sips of water. Almost immediately I started feeling sharper but I decided to abandon my daygame spot and move to another spot that wasn’t too far away.

As soon as I get to the new area, I spot a Korean girl and open. She doesn’t hook. I continue walking around until, from a distance, I see a girl wearing tight black leggings and a black sports bra ahead of me. She was tall, voluptuous, dark skinned, and had lovely long black hair. I still hadn’t seen her face and even now, with everyone wearing facemasks, I don’t like approaching when I haven’t seen the girl’s face. But I decided to anyway because other guys were checking her out so she must’ve at least been pretty. I gradually close the distance, being careful not to be in her RAS, and then quickly run up to her and open from the side.

She was wearing something very similar. Possibly even hotter.

She hooks instantly, telling me she’s of Cambodian decent. Verbally speaking, there was nothing remarkable about the set, what stood out though was the deep non-verbal game that was being played beneath. From the beginning she was giving me strong eye contact, almost seducing me to return it back to her. It took me a minute into the set to realize something was different which is when I returned the deep eye contact back to her. The next couple of minutes were a blur to me. My voice became low and as I was looking into her eyes, all I could think of was the immense pleasure of being close to her body and doing whatever I wanted with it. I didn’t think much further, but I felt what sex with her would’ve felt like. This was all my hindbrain. My forebrain was trying to figure out what to say next and I distinctly remember feeling “lost for words”. I had never felt anything like it.

After about 5 minutes on the street, I find out she was going for coffee to the nearby Dunkin so I suggest an instant date. Not wanting to surrender the lead, I tell her there’s a better coffee shop 10 minutes away and I lead the way.

The walk was strange. I felt a little rusty since I hadn’t tried an i-date for a while and tried making shitty conversation just to fill the space. A couple of times I just let the silence be. While turning the corner that’s inhabited by the drug dealers, one of them runs up to me on the side and throws a business proposal at me. He doesn’t talk to the girl who’s on the other side of me but I knew what he was trying to do, derail my track and get the girl. I dismiss him a couple of times and he leaves. We get coffee and go to the park that’s right opposite.

Here we chat for a bit where I probe logistics further. She’s in town for a holiday and is leaving this weekend. I suggest going to a bar that’s closer to my place and she’s thinking about it but says no. Then when I go for the number, she refuses to give it telling me to follow her on Twitter. I say no and I try a couple more times to get her number. She starts walking away and I follow. This is where I felt I became a little needy. I hate it when a girl walks away from me. I stop her and she says “Things are going to be on my terms.” and starts walking away again. I walk the other way.

I felt a huge mix of emotions after this set ended. It was great that I could create such an intense moment with a trophy girl and I handled the interloper correctly. But not even a number close after the i-date? That was a first. The fact that another guy thought he could just come in and take the girl bothered me. I’ve had beggars come midway into set but never anything like this. Maybe he was upset I could get a girl like that, everyone was staring at her. But it could also suggest a weakness on my part.

I also didn’t like the fact that I became a bit desperate towards the end. I wasn’t close to caving in but I didn’t like how I handled it either. It’s a boundaries issue. I haven’t clearly defined my boundaries which is why I overstep at times (and feel icky afterwards). It shall be defined soon.

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