Calibration tips from Roy

Ever since I restarted daygame in July, I’ve constantly been having calibration related questions. Given that many people are wearing masks and we’re constantly reminded to social distance, it made sense to make adjustments to my game. The initial adjustments I made were as follows:

  1. Mirror the girl’s face mask policy – If the girl is wearing a mask, I wear my mask otherwise I won’t.
  2. When stopping a girl with my mask stop from the side – It’s harder to detect a friendly face with the mask on so no front stop in this case.
  3. Do not encroach distance during the set – So that the girl can’t use a lack of social distancing to end the set.

While having the above rules helped get me out of the house, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were sub-optimal. As I’ve only done about 500 sets, I still feel my calibration is weak and I wasn’t confident in testing the boundaries.

Last week Roy Walker released his post covid stats on twitter and it made for interesting reading. The first number that stuck out was the number of girls he was approaching per session, 2.45. That seemed really low so it immediately made me wonder what his target selection strategy was. The next interesting stats were the 1 number in 6 approaches and the 1 in 34 lay to approach. So he wasn’t getting many numbers but his lay rate was the same as before. Clearly he knew what he was doing so I decided to ask him how he had adapted his game.

I was pleasantly surprised when he responded a day later to my email. Long story short, he hasn’t changed his game too much for covid. Here was his response which I’ve paraphrased:

  1. Target selection – Firstly, he’s only been approaching girls with no mask on. The girl also had to be 7+ or have had a horny vibe (slow walk, IOI, etc). This explains why he hasn’t been approaching too much per session; not enough girls.
  2. Mask policy – He never wears one.
  3. Distance – He still stands very close. Max 1m (3.5 feet) apart. If the girl backs off, he engages them for a bit and then gets closer. This is how close he normally stands.

Now knowing what Roy’s doing, here is how I plan on conducting my sets:

  1. Target selection – I’m still a beginner so I need to be making more approaches to improve my skills. I can’t afford to only approach girls with no mask so I’m going to continue my mask policy of wearing it if the girl is wearing it and not wearing it if she’s not.
  2. Distance – I’m going to worry less about distancing knowing that when done correctly, I can get close. I’m of course going to calibrate to the girl’s reaction.

I would like to give a big thank you to Roy for making the time to respond to my email. He probably gets a lot of them so I’m very appreciative that he not only responded but did so almost immediately. Thanks mate and good luck for the rest of the year.

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