SDL Miss – A Stranded Japanese

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in India so far. I live in a large city so before coming here I was hoping to do some proper daygame. Unfortunately, the daygame scene has not been so good. I’ve only made a total of 8 approaches even though I’ve gone out a number of times. It’s not that I’m not finding nice girls; Indian girls are slimmer than American ones and I’m finding lots of hot girls, it’s just that they’re always in groups. And I don’t approach groups; it requires too much energy, not my style.

A couple of evenings ago, I was out on the prowl when I saw the Japanese. It was around 7:30 pm and I was on a popular street of my city about 15 minutes away from home. I first caught a glimpse of her from behind and quite a distance away. She was tall, medium length straight black hair and with baggy jeans that hid a tiny waist and wide hips. Asian looking so probably from northeastern India I thought. I quickly catch up to her. As I was about to approach, I see her peek into a car to see its passengers. I hold myself back to gather more information. From the way she was looking around, she was either bored or waiting for friends. I decide it’s not worth approaching so walk past her. A couple of minutes later, I walk back in the opposite direction and see that she’s still alone, looking the same. Fuck it, I’m just going to approach.

She’s immediately startled, taking half a step back and giving me deer-in-the-headlights eyes. She’s visibly frightened so I’m doing my best to comfort her. She says she can’t speak English very well or the local language so I’m curious. I start probing and find out she’s half Japanese-half Indian and in India to visit her father. Her dad lives in a city few hours away and was in my city for a short holiday, leaving back the next day. She was looking for a place to have dinner. She wasn’t giving me any indicators of interest neither indicators of disinterest. I wasn’t interested in pushing for an SDL that night but given the lack of solo girls I was finding, I decided to see how far I could take it. I suggest a bar nearby and we start walking there.

In the first venue, I continue what I was doing on the street by trying to make her feel comfortable. It’s real work and I naturally soften my body language and my facial expressions. I keep the conversation friendly but make the occasional physical compliment to keep the man-woman vibe. Here I start teasing her, but just a little. She tells me that she had planned to live with her dad for 6 months and was supposed to leave in June 2020 but COVID had forced her to stay back longer. She tells me she hasn’t gone out much and I use that to seed the second venue which was a rooftop bar opposite my house. But I’m still soft in my leading because she still looks scared. I ask her if she’d like to go the second venue and after answering a couple of her logistical questions she agrees. We clear the bill and start walking to the next venue which is 10 minutes away.

Along the way I begin the physical escalation. Crossing streets in my city can be overwhelming for a tourist so every time we need to cross, I grab her by the upper arm and make the walk. She doesn’t mind. This is when I feel her exquisite skin. It’s butter soft and it reminded me of my college girlfriend. I ask more about her parents. They had met on a flight to Maldives and when they got married, he moved to Japan. It sounded as though her father had seduced her mother so I tell her “I’m doing to you what your father did to your mother.” She laughs to kill the tension but in her eyes there’s something there.

Before going to the second venue I needed to make a quick stop at my house to tidy up the room a bit and get the condoms out. She looks super hesitant to enter my apartment complex but she does and I make her wait at the lobby of my building. It was way too early to bring her home but getting her acclimatized to my building seemed like a good idea.

At the second venue I could see she was more relaxed. All the comfort building had got me enough compliance to get here and now I needed to increase the escalation. I used the structure of the questions game to do my verbal escalation while doing my physical escalation routines in between. Continuing the theme of the evening, I was getting more mixed signals. The verbal escalation was going badly and even tame questions like “How old were you when you kissed a boy for the first time?” were met with a refusal. She even asked if we could stop the game after a while; the first time that’s ever happened to me on a date. Physical escalation on the other hand was going better. She was ok with me touching her hair. When I caressed her back or patted her thigh she didn’t seem to mind and every time I rubbed her neck, I could see her mildly enjoying it.

When I tried to seed the bounce back to my place, I could see her defences coming up again. When we cleared the cheque, she was about to book a cab before I stopped her and told her I’d walk back to her place since it was close by. I could see I was losing at this point but I still tried walking her to my place on the pretext of a smoke. We had smoked a bunch of cigarettes by that time and I was hoping for one last one at my place. She walked into my apartment complex but was throwing stiff resistance to entering my building. So I took her to another place within the complex to have the smoke. Here I had to go overt telling her that I was enjoying her company and was hoping to spend a little more time with her before dropping her back. I don’t like going this overt when bouncing back but I had no choice since she was leaving town the next day. I was hoping the authenticity of my words and the comfort I had built to carry the night forward but it wasn’t enough. I walked her back to her hotel as I’d promised and bid her goodbye.

This was my first time going out with a Japanese girl. She couldn’t speak much English and I found it odd the noises she made when I teased or complimented her; always trying to reduce the sexual tension. At no point did I get the green signal and it was all escalating on amber. Even though the verbal escalation didn’t go well, I still learned a couple of interesting things about her with the questions game; she liked to take a submissive role in relationships and that the oldest man she’d ever dated was 60! She’s 32. I don’t know if her definition of dating was the same as mine but she said age didn’t matter to her. I regret not taking her number as I may have been able to see her again but it was great experience nonetheless.

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