Hello dear reader. My name is Milin (pronounced Mill-in). I discovered daygame in February 2018 while I was still recovering from a breakup that had devastated me. It seemed certain I was going to marry my ex who I’d been dating for 4 years. But things didn’t go to plan and I’d fallen into despair. Hoping that dating would help me get over my ex, I’d turned to game, something that I’d dabbled in many years ago.

The type of game I’d tried before was night game. But when I came back into the game community, I discovered the London Daygame Model and knew this would be ideal for my personality.

A few details about me:

  • Location: Boston, USA
  • Age: Twenties
  • Height: Under 5′ 11″
  • Looks: 6.5 at best
  • Pre-game lays: 3
  • Experience: As of July 2020 – 400 approaches