Perfecting the first 60 seconds

On my last post I talked about adding more teases in the first two minutes to strengthen hook point. While that may be important, I feel I'm inconsistent in the parts that come even before that. Here are the issues: Not being composed before the approach - Sometimes I jump into set without really gathering … Continue reading Perfecting the first 60 seconds

Breaking rapport before making rapport

Since I started daygaming last week, I've been getting numbers but they've all flaked. All of these sets started well with the girls liking my open and stack but as the set proceeded, I could see the interest waning. I also noticed that the sets were too short and the quality of investment from the … Continue reading Breaking rapport before making rapport

How bad sessions are created and what can be done to prevent it

My last few sessions have been very unproductive. I start off slow, walking long distances without approaching and then I have to really push myself to overcome the inertia. From my numerous experiences of failed daygame sessions (0 approaches), I have come to understand the crux of failure and here I'm going to share with … Continue reading How bad sessions are created and what can be done to prevent it