Calibration tips from Roy

Ever since I restarted daygame in July, I've constantly been having calibration related questions. Given that many people are wearing masks and we're constantly reminded to social distance, it made sense to make adjustments to my game. The initial adjustments I made were as follows: Mirror the girl's face mask policy - If the girl … Continue reading Calibration tips from Roy

Perfecting the first 60 seconds

On my last post I talked about adding more teases in the first two minutes to strengthen hook point. While that may be important, I feel I'm inconsistent in the parts that come even before that. Here are the issues: Not being composed before the approach - Sometimes I jump into set without really gathering … Continue reading Perfecting the first 60 seconds

Comforting Girls Who Show Attraction Signs But Still Insist On Going

I've had a few of these in the past week. The girl stops and on hearing the compliment gives a big smile and all the telltale attraction signs. But a few seconds later insists she needs to go even though she looks like she's enjoying the conversation. Most of these girls didn't even look that … Continue reading Comforting Girls Who Show Attraction Signs But Still Insist On Going


IOI girl (This is the opener) You know you can't just check someone out without saying hi right? I just saw somebody get arrested for it. It's a big deal around here. I could go to the cops but I'm going to let you off the hook because I was doing the same. (Now stack) … Continue reading Stacks