Daygamers I Follow

Note: I’ve stopped following other daygamers for a while now. But when I was, these were the guys I was following.

My Teachers

  • Nick KrauserBelligerent style daygame. His books Daygame Mastery and Daygame Infinite are must haves.
  • Tom Torero – Smooth style daygame. His youtube videos were incredibly informative but they’re not available anymore. His book Street Hustle is excellent for beginners.
  • Anthony Hustle – His views on daygame are very different from Krauser’s and Torero’s which I like.

European Daygamers

  • Roy Walker – One of the few guys Krauser trusts. One of the best daygamers in the world.
  • Seven – I really admire this guy. Asian who’s 5′ 3″ banging hotties. Hilarious lay reports as well.
  • Mr. White – London based daygamer with high skill and plenty of successful Euro Jaunts under his belt.
  • Thomas Crown – Probably the most determined daygamer out there.
  • Jamie – I find him interesting because he took up daygame after mastering nightgame.
  • Costello The Kid – A beginner just like me.

American Daygamers

  • Nash – Based in the Bay Area and expert in Asian girls. I like his thoughtful and detailed style of writing.
  • Runner – Daygamer from NYC. Close friend of Nash. Has a very analytical approach to daygame.
  • Mr. V – Also daygames in NYC. Runner’s wing. Documents every approach and every date. Great person to follow if you’re new and are unsure of what a typical daygame session looks like.